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Fire Protection Engineering , Design Services & Fabrication

Our highly trained designers at Guardian Fire Protection strive for excellence and efficiency in all matters, evident in their daily operations. Using advanced CAD design programs, the fire protection engineering and design team is able to interactively design sprinkler systems for new or retrofit systems. By utilizing innovative software, sprinkler systems are designed around other trades, eliminating conflicts, maintaining cost efficiency, and expediting the process for the customer while also providing the most efficient and safest system. When you call Guardian Fire Protection, you can be sure your fire sprinkler system will meet all local and national AHJ code requirements.

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Custom Fire Sprinkler Fabrication Services

Unlike other companies, Guardian Fire Protection has the ability to provide fire fabrication services in-house through our own shop. This design and production capabilities set us apart from our competition. The ability to coordinate and schedule a fire protection system project from beginning to end gives us significant advantages that we are able to pass on to our customers.

Our 5,000 square foot fabrication shop takes advantage of the latest technology and equipment available to produce consistent, high quality product. This combination of new technology and skilled fabricators results in a product you can trust for your fire protection needs.


Contact us for a full range of fire protection services to safeguard your property and its inhabitants.